The workshop sessions will be running twice, so in-person attendees will have an opportunity to attend two of the sessions. All sessions will be streamed for the virtual audience. For in-person attendees you will be able to see any session you miss online after the event. Please select your preferences for the two workshops you would like to attend (final confirmation of workshop availability will be confirmed prior to the event)

Collaborative approaches to tackling urban flooding sustainably

Hear from our project team who have been instrumental in advancing models for co-investment in Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). The session will look at methods for mapping priority locations for SuDS, processes for assessing the costs and returns that SuDS at scale can provide, valuing wider benefits and identifying shared stakeholder value in SuDS.

Resources available:

Investing in a greener Greater Manchester – Local Authority Guide, Blended Public-Private investments for developing urban green infrastructure, The IGNITION NBS evidence base

Who should attend?

Local Authorities (highways, regeneration, landscape teams), Housing providers, Water companies, Lead Local Flood Authorities, Nature Based Solutions suppliers


Matt Ellis, Climate Resilience Lead, Environment Agency
Jessica Skeggs, Project Officer, Environment Agency

Green regeneration: designing and investing for multifunctionality

The project team will present the opportunities and challenges surrounding investment in urban community green spaces. The session will feature: research on public perceptions of parks and parks funding, insights into potential financing mechanisms for new and existing parks including parks foundations, individual giving via contactless donations and innovative financing for sustainable new parks.

The team will also showcase case studies from urban green space projects piloted through IGNITION and share recommendations on how to replicate and finance these urban greening projects.

Resources available:

The IGNITION NBS evidence base, GM parks network, Investing in parks toolkit

Who should attend?

Local authorities parks and green space teams, councillors, community led parks and green space groups, planners, developers, NBS suppliers


Rachel Morrison, Senior Nature-based Solutions Advisor, Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Pete Stringer, GI Resilience Manager, City of Trees
Sophie Sheil, Principal Resources and Programmes Officer, Manchester City Council

Changing the real estate landscape: how investing in nature pays dividends

Property owners and developers can gain value from Installing nature-based solutions at a site level, from individual buildings to larger estates and shopping centres. Learn more about the benefits of green roofs and walls, from energy savings to improved amenity value.

Hear from our project team about greening buildings in a way that functions beyond aesthetic value and how to finance additional features like street trees and SuDS in retail areas. You will hear key recommendations from the project team and how to replicate this process anywhere.

Resources available:

Green roof benefit calculator tool, Nature-based solutions to the Climate emergency: The benefits to business and society report, Green roofs toolkit, The power of nature for employee wellbeing toolkit, Greening your workspace toolkit, The IGNITION NBS evidence base

Who should attend?

Site Owners, property managers, local businesses, Local authority regeneration, Local authority highways, NBS suppliers


Amanda Skeldon, Director of Climate and Nature, JLL
Tom Young, Environment Systems Manager, STRI
Chris Whetstone, Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Avison Young
Charlotte Markey, Green Urbanisation Innovation Manager, Polypipe

Engaging communities on Nature-based solutions

Our communities are the custodians of any nature-based solutions we install, and valuing their input is key to the success of any project. Hear from RHS, Groundwork and City of Trees on how to better communicate climate adaptation and nature-based solutions, as well as creating meaningful and inclusive engagement, encompassing diverse audiences.

Resources available:

GM citizen survey visual report, Green spaces for adaptation design tool, Citizen adaptation ideas bank illustration, Getting started with green space in you school toolkit

Who should attend?

Local authorities, property owners, businesses, NBS suppliers, Environment NGOs


Rosie Naylor, Community Engagement Coordinator, Royal Horticultural Society
Claire Drury, North West Regional Development Manager, Royal Horticultural Society
Michaela Howell, Head of Communities, Groundwork Greater Manchester
Amy Wright, Senior Community Projects Lead (Climate & Nature), Groundwork Greater Manchester
Zain Muhammad, Assistant Development Officer, City of Trees
Jess Marais, Digital & Social Media Assistant, City of Trees


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