We are in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis. There is a huge gap in financing that must be addressed if we are to secure a safe and resilient future for our communities.

Seeking to address this gap, the IGNITION project was set up to investigate innovative financing mechanisms and shed light on the value of nature-based solutions at scale. Our 12 partners, from local authorities, NGOs and businesses, have been deepening understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding greening our urban environments and engaging vital stakeholders to drive action.

After three years of research, innovation and implementation, we are ready to share the lessons learned in Greater Manchester and provide actionable recommendations for attendees, as well as the tools and resources to create change with confidence.

During this event you will learn how to access and use a huge range of resources and research created by the IGNITION project. The learnings from the project will help attendees to objectively value the costs and benefits of nature-based solutions and to understand public attitudes and awareness of climate change and nature.

The morning session will present the headline learnings, followed by a Q&A with our technical leads. Our afternoon workshops will take a deep dive into some specific project implementation areas and our final plenary will look at what the next steps are for nature-based solutions.

Our exhibition space will bring together leading providers of nature-based solutions so attendees can learn about the latest technologies and ask the suppliers practical questions about installation and maintenance of these technologies.

Conference audience:

Optional extras

A tour of the IGNITION nature-based solutions living lab at University of Salford
(29th March, 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm) - In-person

The IGNITION nature-based solutions living lab at University of Salford is providing live data on the innovative solutions to support our valuation of the benefits of these solutions. The day before the conference we are offering tour of the living lab and the chance to hear about the installation process as well as the research findings, just select this when booking your place. If you are not able to attend in person, a virtual tour of the Living Lab is available here.


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